Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Rules

As mentioned, I have created a list of over 400 movies, either store-bought on DVD or burned onto DVD by my own efforts. This is NOT a copyright violation, as I'm paying for premium cable, and my DVR only holds 36 hours - I'm merely making a digital copy of each movie in order to watch it when my schedule permits. I am not duplicating films for personal gain or for distribution.

I am free to add or subtract from "THE LIST" as I see fit. No suggestions for the list will be taken, unless they come from Close Personal Friends of Honky (C.P.F.H). All films must have been released in a cinema and be considered an actual movie - TV movies ("The Bradys Go Hawaiian") will not be considered.

Ratings will be done on a 10-point scale, with 10 being equivalent to "Return of the Jedi" and 1 representing "Ishtar" (or what I perceive Ishtar to be, since I haven't seen the film). Although comments are welcomed, the judge's score is final. Offer valid in 49 states (sorry, Tennessee!)

What I like best: comedies, sci-fi, thrillers, superhero films, spoofs, movies about heists + scams, movies about time travel, character actors, animated films adults can enjoy, gratuitous female nudity (oh, heck, even non-gratuitous). But I'm willing to watch classics, Westerns, musicals, or whatever IF they're important, or I think I will enjoy them.

Movies will be watched (more or less) at random, however I'm willing to consider theme weeks, like baseball films in April, horror movies around Halloween, and so on. One movie may lead me to the next, but it may not. It's most important for me to pick a film I feel I will enjoy on any
particular night, since in the end it's all about my enjoyment of the movies.

And if I should fall asleep late at night while watching a movie, I will not blame the film first - I will make an attempt to finish the film later that day. If I fall asleep AGAIN, I'll scrap that film and move on down the list.

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