Sunday, March 14, 2010

Robin and Marian

Year 2, Day 73 - 3/14/10 - Movie #438

BEFORE: That last movie sucked, but the appearance of Richard the Lion-Hearted leads me to think of Robin Hood, which leads me to this film. I have a vague memory of watching part of this as a child, but I don't remember much about it.

THE PLOT: Robin Hood, aging none too gracefully, returns exhausted from the Crusades to woo and win Maid Marian one last time.

AFTER: The first act has Robin Hood (Sean Connery) defying King Richard (Richard Harris), which lands him in the dungeon. Robin wasn't too keen on pillaging a castle full of women and children on Richard's orders, and an old man inside the castle tosses an arrow at King Richard, scoring a lucky shot in his neck.

After the King's death, Robin is finally free from his service, and returns to England, 20 years after leaving on one of the Crusades. He finds a few of the old Merry Men, his old adversary the Sheriff of Nottingham (Robert Shaw) and Lady Marian (Audrey Hepburn) who's now a nun.

Old habits are hard to break, and before long Robin and Marian are together again, but the new king allows an army to march on Sherwood Forest to put an end to the returned hero. Robin risks it all with a one-on-one battle with the Sheriff - the winner lives, the loser dies and the loser's men retreat.

Also starring Ian Holm as King John, Denholm Elliott as Will Scarlett, and Nicol Williamson as Little John (he'd later play no less than Merlin in "Excalibur").

RATING: 5 out of 10 catapults

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