Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Land Before Time

Year 2, Day 82 - 3/23/10 - Movie #447

BEFORE: Yeah I maybe could have watched this after "10,000 B.C.", or maybe I should wait until I get a copy of "Ice Age 3" or "Land of the Lost" - but I need a 1-day filler movie to make my chain work out - there's a movie on TCM this Friday that I want to work into my list, and I need to time this right.

THE PLOT: Four orphan dinosaurs travel the ruins of their world, while grieving the loss of their families and banding together to face the odds of survival.

AFTER: Ugh, this was tough for me to watch. Tougher than watching "The Pianist" or "Schindler's List" even. I kept falling asleep - though I suppose going to a beer-tasting dinner earlier in the evening had a lot to do with that...

But I just can't take these insipid baby dinosaurs with cutesy voices, each trying to prove that they're cuter than the next. There's some big earthquake and the baby dinosaurs get separated from their parents, and they have to trek across the landscape to the great valley...and you know what? I just don't care.

I like animation, I really do. But this is really geared only for 5-year old boys who think dinosaurs are cool, at least before they discover girls, at which point their interest in dinosaurs will probably fall by the wayside.

But, I resolved I would watch a film a day, and once I got started on this one I'd rather just finish it and get it off my list, instead of starting another film. I keep seeing the sequel films listed on the programming guide, now I officially absolve myself from tracking them down and watching them. Maybe someday if my nephew discovers dinos I can turn him on to this film, but other than that, I've got no use for it.

Don't recognize any of the voice actors, except for Helen Shaver as Littlefoot's mother, and Will Ryan (who I happened to have met in the real world) as the voice of Petrie, the pterodactyl.

RATING: 3 out of 10 footprints

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