Monday, February 15, 2010

The Sure Thing

Year 2, Day 46 - 2/15/09 - Movie #411

BEFORE: Back-to-back Cusack, from an early film by Cameron Crowe to an early film by Rob Reiner...

THE PLOT: College freshman John (Gib) Gibson decides to go cross country to visit his friend in California during winter break. Awaiting there is a bikini-clad babe whom his friend assures him is a "sure thing".

AFTER: Another romantic comedy starts out with a huge coincidence - Gib (John Cusack) goes on a failed date with Alison (Daphne Zuniga), then ends up sharing a ride to L.A. in a car that also contains her. And they're both headed to the same California college to visit their romantic partners - what are the odds?

Did college students really ever do this - just pack up and head across the country during winter break? By car? Doesn't it take like a week to drive cross-country to L.A., and wouldn't the winter break be over by the time they got there? Why not just go home and spend Christmas with your family? Come to think of it, no one in the film seems to have a family, or wants to celebrate Christmas, which is a little weird.

Like a cross between "Moonlighting" and "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" - after they're forced out of the car for bickering with each other, they need to hitchhike the rest of the way, and band together to get by. The experience changes them both, and makes them question the relationships waiting for them in L.A.

Also starring Anthony Edwards and Nicollette Sheridan, with a brief appearance by Tim Robbins.

RATING: 5 out of 10 cans of beer

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